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My car seat day-to-day and my lfe restrained

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I have been PMing with danielsmith for a few days and realized I have a car seat that some people might want to know more about. So I'm going to blog about the car seat; how I made it, how I use it, how it holds me tight. It is Century 5 point to booster. I have moved the shoulder straps to the top of the head rest. the strap that go over the hips have been moved to go around my waist. I have lengthen the crotch strap, it now lands just above the groin to let the waist strap have more of a straight line. I opened the buckle and removed the red plastic button, so you can't fit your finger in the hole to release it. On the chest clip I have drilled two holes to place padlocks. I run a chain through the crotch strap and around the two other straps and then back to the crotch strap to meet a third padlock. when I strap the seat down to the couch, or any other thing I find I can't reach the mounting straps to release the seat, and when I lock everything up I can't reach the keys.

some might ask why: I really need to feel as helpless as a real baby. some times it is just stress release other there is something more adult.

I have sat in for as long as 10 hours, over night. I have recently discovered diapers and how fun it is to sit there in a wet diaper unable to change it. later in this blog I will give you an detailed description of one or more of my car seat time.

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