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Good thinking, idiot.

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That's how I like to refer to myself when I've overthinked something. Trust me, tonight, I've done just that thing.

It was glorious. It was fantastic.

So hey, I have a good idea. Let's do what I did last time. I'm going to make a forum post. Probably tomorrow. Probably in the mature topics section.

It's going to be fun. It'll be about some philosophical and psychological stuff. All about a topic that I hold close to my heart. It'll be a long initial post, and I really hope that people will start to think and reason a bit, maybe try to come closer to an answer than I did. I have the entire thing written out in a rough draft. In Swedish. Tomorrow though, I'll translate it and proof read it. I hope you'll enjoy it. It really is much more personal and intimate than anything I've ever posted here, in my 4 and a half years on Adisc (Not counting my years on I really hope you'll enjoy it as I have.

Maybe you can overthink it too.

Soon, we'll talk a little bit about art.

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