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Daydream Log

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Since coming to terms with my sissy side many of my dreams and daydreams are LG themed, I'm in the mood to open up a little window into my head.

A character introduction first.

Amelia (I): A somewhat realistic portrayal of me dressed as a little girl, typically wearing bright pink and flowery skirts and dresses, with hair reaching down to the centre of my back, in a ponytail tied with a red ribbon.

Jason: My boyfriend and daddy, about half a head taller than me but physical characteristics vary and are irrelevant, he loves me and looks after me, that's what matters.

1; Setting; Generic motorway service station.

Jason and I have just finished eating at one of the restaurants in the station and I am resting my head on his shoulder, half asleep with my dummy in my mouth.
"See, mummy, that girl has a dummy!" I open my eyes and see a small girl some 10 metres away tugging on her mother's arm and pointing at me, upon seeing me, the mother marches up to the pair of us, she starts to rant at us, the only phrases that stick out are:
"A girl of your age should not have that in her mouth!"
"That is not a dignified look for a young lady!"
Despite her anger, my smile has increased because she genuinely seems to think I am a girl.

"Fine." Jason mutters, removing the dummy from my mouth. "Satisfied?"
"Yes, now come along, dear." The mother says, dragging her daughter away. As they walk back the little girl turns around just as Jason returns the dummy to its rightful place and smiles.

"Thankfully, dignified is not my speciality." I say through gritted teeth, giving the mother a mini heart attack as she realises I am male, she then silently turns around, escorting her daughter away from us.

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