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Tales of a DLing College Student

I have to get up in the morning...

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Day 8- this is gonna be short. I spent the majority of my day doing catch up homework in my room alone, so I don't have much to say on interactions with other people.

I have my first quiz of the year in Physics at 8:30 tomorrow morning, so I'm gonna get to bed soon. If I had any worries about it, its that I'm still rusty on my calculations.

The diaper I was wearing leaked this morning leaked... and it was a Dry 24/7. Thing is, it leaked out the top of the diaper, and I'm certain that I was pointed down. Anyone know how I might be able to prevent this? It isn't the first time its ever happened to me.

In other news, I broke out my fedora and trench coat combo on campus today while I walked to dinner. I got two direct compliments on the outfit, so that made me feel nice.

I also experimented with putting on an Abri-Wing diaper properly today, I just spent a little while trying to figure out a good way to put it on, as the velcro tabs have rubbed against my legs every day so far. I was wearing the diaper too high up in the back, which was straining the material on the front. Good lessons for the future, I suppose.

I'm doing a lot more out and about tomorrow, so I should have more to talk about in my next entry. I'm taking the progressive shortening of these entries as a sign that I'm accepting wearing diapers as a part of my daily routine. I don't tire of wearing them all the time, but a lot of the issues I was concerned about were addressed int he first few days. I don't see this acceptance as a bad thing, as I am not growing weary of them; I only hope this sentiment lasts for the next three weeks.

Again, thanks for reading.



  1. whisko's Avatar
    continued props and encouragement for your endeavor!
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