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quitting smoking with paci.

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I made a few silly, but real description of this

Which is the difference ?
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Or is this ???
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Hope to do the second one.
I'm trying to get out my addict of tabaco, just I was infected a few weeks ago and this circustance forced me to stop with cigarets. May I'd change my nick, but I'm still sometimes smoking, just no cigars. But I'm thinking more: There is a conection with (ab)use infantil of paci and tabaquism ? I'm not sure, but as I know (in person or by skype) AB/DLs, all of them are smoking or smoked in the past, except one who's asmatic.

But ther's 18 years smoking about 15 - 30 cigars/day. Now I'm "extracting a trash" of my tubes. Feel really better, but I can't imagine, how more time I'll be with extraction, is sometimes painfull and sometimes it looks like I'm going to die.

In the end - I wish me good luck in maintenance of not be tabaco consumist. In last three weeks it means more than 100 .

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