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Tales of a DLing College Student

Noticing a couple of things.

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Day 7-

I'm beginning to notice that, even though I have now been wearing them full time for a week now, I still don't really "trust" my diapers. I still can't really bring myself to use them in public; perhaps its an over-trained bladder, but the urge to actually go does not hit me until I'm back in my room where I can address anything that goes wrong. I guess I'm still scared of leaks, though I still have three weeks to work through that.

Anyway, today was a day of firsts. It was the first time I found myself trapped in a wet diaper without a good opportunity to change. After the gaming club at my school ended for the night, I went back to my room with the friend I have already told a few days ago. During his visit, I ended up needing to go, which I did. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good way to say I needed to change so I was trapped in a fairly wet diaper for two-and-a-half hours. It was certainly a new experience, being stuck in that situation. I suppose it provided a little perspective on how inconvenient this would be to someone who really needed diapers, and it certainly made me thankful that it didn't happen outside my room. I can't say it helped my nervousness about going in public though.

I also tried out the Abri-Wing's ability to be easily removed to allow use of the toilet for other business. I can safely say these are quite convenient for use in the day because of this ability, though their velcro tab are still a nuisance on occasion. They also tend to sag toward the end of their expected lifetime, but they still hold when used, even when used toward the back end of 8 hours.

Other than that, I played Risk for the first time in my life and failed accordingly, though I attribute a part of that to some truly awful dice rolls. It was fun, anyway; I had quite a time with the other people there.

Wearing diapers full time is definitely shifting from a source of worry to a part of the typical routine. I haven't encountered any reason to worry about other people noticing. Y'all were totally right about that. I hope that this stays as nice as it feels right now, because I truly do feel happier since I started this.

Thanks again for listening, I'll try to put myself in some new situations so I have something of substance to report here. The amount of time I spend in my room is probably to blame for my lack of things to talk about.

Oh, I'm still not feeling that great. It feels like I'm burning a lot more of my energy than usual to just go through my day. I hope this ends soon, I feel pretty awful when I get back to my room in the evening.

I'll report in later.


P.S. One week milestone! Woohoo!

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