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Tales of a DLing College Student

In which I don't have much to say...

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Day 6-

Today was pretty ordinary. I didn't really interact with many people and I barely had class, just a makeup lab.

I guess the only notable interaction I had was when I went out to dinner with my friend. After we finished eating, we went back to my room. She inquired about the boxes my diapers had arrived in, but I didn't feel like discussing it with her as it was the first significant amount of time I had spent with her this year. It didn't feel like a proper thing to discuss.

I got my textbooks for my courses today, so I spent the rest of the night doing catch up work.

Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a cop out, but I just don't have much to talk about.

I gotta get up early anyway, hopefully tomorrow will yield more interesting things to talk about. Thanks for listening anyway.


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