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Tales of a DLing College Student

The second week begins...

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Day 5-

...well, the second calendar week anyway. Today was an okay day. I had the friend I told and his brother over for most of the day again. Thankfully his brother is leaving tomorrow; my endurance to be with more than one person at a time is short at the moment. I'm feeling quite tired as the day goes on, I find myself winded by things that are typically well within my abilities. I do hope this passes soon, inhibition is so irritating.

Anywho, the day went well for the most part. I had fun with my friends and I haven't had any serious issues with wearing diapers as of yet (no leaks or embarrassing situations yet). The shirt I wore was uncomfortably short, a fact I did not notice until I was in the presence of uninformed company. I would be surprised if my friend's brother didn't see them at some point.

I did have to go diaper-less for a little bit this afternoon, I was getting this uncomfortable prickly feeling in the areas usually covered by my diaper. Perhaps I should use more powder. Anyone know what this might be?

After dinner, I took the short time I had before they came back over to put on a night diaper. I then stayed under my covers in a bath robe while we watched Dr. Who.

Overall, it was a pretty bland day. This sickness is really starting to tick me off, feels like chains and it has on more than one occasion affected how I interact with people. I can feel myself slip into a monotone voice when I get really tired. When it goes further, my answers to questions become as short as I can make them mostly because I don't have the energy to give a typical livelier response. Classes are gonna be hard if this continues.

On a side note, I picked up one of those new laser tag guns that work with an iPhone. These things work very well from what I've seen so far. I had a great time using them this evening, though running around wore me down very quickly. If you were thinking about getting em and you have a friend, I would highly recommend getting them. Unfortunately, the experience is a bit lacking with only two, I hope I can get a couple more people to get these. I can only imagine what a full 24 person battle would be like.

That's all I've got for today, sorry I had to ramble off into other topics. If I stayed on the subject of diapers this would have been three sentences long.

See y'all tomorrow.


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