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Tales of a DLing College Student

Labor day...

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Day 4-

I honestly cannot believe how little time has passed, it feels like so much has happened. Anyway, I just woke up and realized I forgot to write an entry, so let's do this.

I'm still not feeling quite myself at the moment. I hope I'm not getting another of my long term fatigue bouts, that would be terrible at the start of a semester. Woke up for a couple of physical reasons actually. I am feeling pretty hot right now, getting back to sleep is probably gonna be fairly difficult.

I also woke up because I had to pee. When I was done, I was shocked by just how full my night diaper really was. It doesn't feel near bursting right now, but it is quite heavy. Definitely gonna change outta this one.

Other than that, my day was pretty ordinary. I spent all of it with the guy I told and his visiting brother. We mostly played video games and watched Dr. Who, it got pretty boring after awhile, really. I went out to lunch and dinner with em too, though the daytime diaper I was wearing was very wet on our way back from dinner. I had to hold em back from entering my room so I could quickly change.

The sheer weight in my diaper right now really gives me a lot of respect for the Dry 24/7 brand. This this is full by Bambino standards and it still fits me very well. I think I will definitely default to these in the future.

Having to excuse myself to change is an interesting new issue to deal with. I'm pretty sure my prospective roommate knew why I had to excuse myself, though I wonder what his brother thought. At a few points during the night, I had to bend over to pick up some nerf darts and I know my shirt rode up enough to reveal the diaper I had on to anyone in the room. I hope his brother didn't see, though he didn't say anything if he did.

At the end of the night I was probably looking pretty awful, the room was really cool, yet I was sweating buckets. Eventually they excused themselves to go to bed so that I could as well.

That's about it for now. I'm gonna change outta this diaper and go back to bed.

I'll talk to y'all tomorrow. Thanks again for listening.


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