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Tales of a DLing College Student

And so it begins...

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Day 1-

I ended up getting my diapers at around 4 in the afternoon rather than in the morning. I was very surprised by how heavy the whole supply ended up being, and I accepted the help of a passing student who wanted to carry one of the boxes.

I put on an Abri-Wing as soon as I got back to my room. A little weird to figure out, but super easy to get on once I figured it out. Soon afterwards a friend came over for a bit before we went to dinner. I walked around the campus while trying to make my bladder a little less shy.

I basically filled the Abri-Wing to capacity by around 10. I then had the extreme pleasure of putting on a Dry 24/7. These things are super thick and very comfortable.

I had a friend over for awhile after I had diapered myself with the Dry 24/7; it was more quiet than I expected, but the thickness would make it a horrible choice for the daytime. They will, however, be great at night.

That's all for today. Tomorrow will be the real test, but I gotta get to sleep before that. Good night everyone!

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