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Just Another Day and Random Blog

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Hmm.. I really don't know why I'm doing this. I don't think too many people find anything interesting about my life but here I am. I really don't find myself as much of a writer because I really never have anything interesting to say. I suppose nothing to interesting goes on in my life. :-/ Anyways... Off from work today and have the house to myself this evening. It's a little lonely but peacefull. I'm used to so much screaming and noise in this house with two kids and a miniature weiner dog, an english mastiff and of course my wife yelling at all of them. It gets a little hectic around here sometimes. I enjoy it though. One of these days it will be too quiet around here. It really makes it rough sleeping during most of the morning due to my hectic work schedule but I get by. On another note, school is back in session and this is my little girls first year so this has made me a little depressed. She looks so grown up with her back pack and it already seems like I'll blink and she will be graduating. I'm so glad she likes it though, so far. I just hope she stays that way and don't never have to go through some of the crap I did in school.
Hopefully my wife will also be starting school at the first of the year. Shes been studying for her nurses assement which she will have to take in a couple of weeks. If she does good on that she will hopefully be taking classes to become a nurse soon. I am so excited and anxious. I really have alot to be proud of right now, if only my work would slow down some where I can enjoy my family and watch them succeed. There are definitly alot of things going on in this house right now, which is a part of my random rambling but I'm happy where we are heading and am eager to start a new chapter in our lives. Here to things looking up. And on a side note, for the 17 of you I believe who took the time to read my previous blog. I believe me and my wife are heading torwards the right directions with each other. I think it was really time to just put the brakes on a little and step back and assess our lives and current situation. Thanks for reading, and sorry about the randomness of my blog. Like I said I'm no good at this stuff.

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