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Monkeys everywhere!

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OK.. So I have a few theories as to why, but...

There seem to be lots of monkey's popping up on ADISC. As far as I know, I am the only monkey furry on the site. Not that i would be offended or anything if someone else wanted to be one. But I do kinda like feeling a little special. But in the last couple days I have noticed lots of Monkeys around the forums.

Binkygirl's avatar, Cottontail's sigpic, and I know I saw a curious george avatar with a painted blue wall somewhere. The user escapes my at the moment. Before... I know that there were two other avatars, monkeygurl and AlexMonkey (not an alt of me, I promise)

So here are my theories...
1. I have started a new trend. (10% probability)
2. Monkeys have somehow become more awesome and have therefore gained popularity all on their own. (30% probabiity)
3. I have finally become more active after not spending a lot of time on the forum for several months and I am seeing a lot more avatars and sigpics than I used to (60% probability)

Anyway... felt like rambling on about monkeys, mostly because I was bored.
Thanks for reading.... carry on.


  1. Lobie's Avatar
    I think maybe you're just going crazy, I don't see any monkeys anywhere!
  2. chucky's Avatar
    Rise of the Planets of the Apes!
  3. Icey's Avatar
    At least they can only fly from tree to tree by swinging there, if they become the flying type from The Wizard of Oz, we are all in trouble!! **giggle**
  4. Cottontail's Avatar
    Hehe... It's #1, of course!
  5. HoganBunny's Avatar
    babymikey is the one with the Curious George avatar.

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