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To walk the road paved ahead of you is a path to arrogance. ( my own quote explained with a little about me)

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This is a quote that I came up with after getting out of the service. I came up with it and it's meaning by studying myself and how I had changed over the years.

Most of my life I have been extremely modest. I had nothing to be proud of. I had no confidence to talk to women. Never felt like I would amount to anything in life.

I went into the army a bum and even lived in a methlab for a year before I joined. My family thought I was just joining to be like my grampa, but I was never honest about why I joined. It was a self destructive path I was living on. I joined the Army and became an infantryman to piss off my over protective grandparents. I had also hoped to die in combat for being depressed and thinking I had nothing to live for and nothing to loose.

That all changed when I graduated basic and AIT. My older brother pinned my "blue cord" on my shoulder at my graduation. It was the first time in my life I truly felt proud of anything and Is the proudest moment in my life. It was a beautiful turning point in my life and it completely changed who I am and how I think and feel.

I went to a mechanized infantry unit , 3rd infantry division, and that was another proud moment in my life. I drove a Bradley fighting vehicle and even got to work on them. I loved working on mechanical things so this was a real bonus to me.

In Iraq, my bradley was the best running and best maintained vehicle of my platoon's 4. It spent the least amount of time broken for all the love I put into it.

When I came home after 15 months, I got out of the army and was recognized as the hardest working soldier in our platoon during our tour in Iraq.

People always spoke highly of me having a good heart, having alot of heart, being a really good worker, and being a good person in general both before and after the army. And now I realize this has changed me in good and bad ways.

Coming home, my good work ethnics are tarnished, I have become slightly lazy. And I don't have the heart for things that I once did.

I have became too prideful of a person.

To walk the road paved ahead of you is a path to arrogance and damnation.

To me it's like hearing to many good things about yourself, becoming to prideful of things, becoming lazy in respect to working hard, and no longer striving to have such a good heart.

How it, over time, erodes the character that makes you a good person.


  1. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
    knowing what you just wrote; feeling it inside..... now you can change it.
    most people have no idea that pride can be a downfall, or why.
    i know there are passages in books about this very thing. but reading about it never imparts the wisdom of having experienced it. and reading about it can't tell a person what to do next...... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.