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Diapering stuffed animals

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Face it, people - the female human is weak to stuffed animals! I've heard of some ADISC users diapering their stuffed animals, and though I haven't yet gotten all the stuffies I want, as I gradually do get them I want to diaper them. I have found a retailer that sells Pampers Swaddlers XS, which are intended for babies up to 4lbs, and I am hoping these diapers fit my furry friends


  1. RobiBoi7's Avatar
    Really? I am a female human being who is [B]NOT[/B] "weak" to stuffed animals, which I couldn't wait to get rid of at our garage sale this weekend. I never could stand the ones I was given as a kid, so you[B] certainly [/B]won't see me wasting my money on them now -- especially if that means buying expensive diapers, which I can't even afford to buy for [B]myself[/B], let alone a toy!
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