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Had a Bad Day

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So ya, today was definitely not a good day. It stated with me getting mad and yelling at Kyle, my fiance/lil bro, and the worst part was it wasn't really something that was fully his fault. Luckily we have already talked it over, and are fine now. Sometimes I hate how stress takes over sometimes, and I can't control myself. I love Kyle more then anything else in this world, and I feel like I should be able to put things aside for him, but sometimes I can't, although I feel that I am getting a little better as time goes on.
Other then that I went to six flags the other day, although it wasn't all that fun because Kyle couldn't go. He works nights so he has to sleep during the day, therefor he couldn't come with us. It's a little ok because I went with friends that don't know about me and Kyle being in a relationship, they just think we are roommates (although I'm pretty sure they have it figured out anyways) so its not like we could have held hands or taking cute pictures together or anything. I know that it would have been funner if he was there though.
Kyle has been worried about his job, although I try to tell him that there is no reason to worry, and there isn't. It makes me feel bad because its always in the back of his mind, I can feel it, but I know for a fact that is nothing more then him being superstitious (and honestly a little to do with the fact that he doesn't like the job anyways).
Anyways, thanks for reading, and keep looking for another post in the next couple of days.
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