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I did it

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I did it. I wore a diaper out in public for a significant time.*

I put on my diaper at home, and crammed boxers(ironically), for noise reduction. I then wore some semi-tight jeans, and wore a t-shirt but did not tuck it in. My diaper was a Certainty diaper, the new type with the very noisy frontal patch. The fresh diaper did not crinkle much under the jeans, thankfully.*

Somewhat irritatingly, the moment I put in my jeans, I had to go. Hesitated, then thought to myself 'might as well' and let go. It was a little. Sprayed some deo on, just in case.*

I went to the community centre to do some mugging (am I allowed to use that word on myself?), as it is much quieter there as compared to at home. Took a 5 minute stroll, crossing a road, took an e-pass for entry from the counter lady, and entered the room. The Study Room is a comfy little room with individual cubicles for self-study. Luckily there weren't many people today.*

Stayed there from 6-9pm. At one point, I had to *ahem* go. It wasn't easy, surprisingly as I usually pee either standing or kneeling. A few dribbles later I gave up and on the pretext of stretching, I stood up and 'felt relieved'. Need to work on it.*

After I had handed over the e-pass key, I went to the adjacent coffeeshop to get some Iced-Milo. It's a nice thing, to drink one's favourite drink in the world, walking along a quiet street in the cool of the young night. The Milo is poured into these little plastic bags with coloured strings for holding them, (not sure if these are present in the US and UK).

Of course I had to BUY the drink. The queue was not long, but there was this old uncle flirting with the old lady stall keeper (SGpeeps, you know what I mean), and things were slow. Was kinda worried the hot girl behind me might have noticed something , but no one said anything. Not that I'm the kind that hot girls look at anyway. The diaper's shape was not visible to the untrained eye, luckily. No other incident.*

Definitely worth it. And definitely trying it again.*

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