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An odd dream

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I was in this city, which was one huge hospital.
I found myself sitting in the office of one of the executives, smoking a huge Havana cigar.
''You see, by using electric currents, we can tap into the human brain and solve it's problems, mental or physical'' the Executive told me.
''I'll give you a tour'' He said again.
We got up, and exited. He grabbed the hand of a patient, which obviously had a mental problem, and took him (with me following) into a very small room, with no windows, and a light that went on and off. He then laid him in a bed, with small bars about 3 cm from the bed itself (Not a crib, this is not *B related!) and presed an on button somewhere underneath. The patient was shocked with a large dose of electricity, and screamed like bloody hellfire. A few seconds later, the same thing occurred. Electroshock, Scream.
'Damn, sir! How long will the patient have to go through this?' I asked
'20 to 30 years'
I ran out, found a beer bottle, and smashed it, ready to kill the Executive/Doctor. But then in fear of being sent to this torture, I threw it.
Rather confused, I kept running, trying to get away. I went to an exterior part, which seemed like a school.
I there saw a kid chasing another one with a coat hanger. The hunted kid was terribly wounded with large cuts in the back. At the same time, a giant mob was chasing the kid with the hanger.
I stood in disbelief at this site.
Then, the coat hanger fell. Another kid picked it up, and suddenly he went mad instead, and went after the kid, and the group against the newly mad one.

Then I woke up.

This was one f***ing crazy dream.

I wonder what it might mean.. (No telling future stuff, I don't believe in that)


  1. blarg's Avatar
    Lolllllll i haven't had any crazy dreams for a long time, for some reason i stopped dreaming. but either way, it probably means taht A) you just watched/seen/thought of something scary prior to sleep or B) you're just really, really, really, f'd up

    But if you think about it the first portion w/ executive could've been your indecision about moving up the ranks of your job and what i can bring you to participate/do. Then the kid thing i have no clue? Perhaps maybe just,,,, gah, i dunno. Btw don't take anything i said serious, i'm not a person who does this stuff, just random speculation. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.