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Got Internet Finally

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Me and my boyfriend finally got internet at our apartment. I was getting so sick of using my phone, that is slowly falling apart lol, to surf the internet. The other thing that is nice is that I am talking to a lot of people that I haven't talked to for a long time. Like my "big brother" I haven't talked to him in months, it was nice to catch up. I guess since I'm back online with my computer I'll start making more blog posts, so keep an eye out!

Just to add something that I think is cool, I went to the salvation army with one of my non abdl friends and found a cool pooh sleeper there. I almost didn't buy but I had to. I told my friend that my boyfriend had made a joke about wanting one awhile ago and that's why I bought it. Anyways I though it was a great purchase for only 8 bucks.

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