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Wore for the first time!

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Last night I was diapered for the first time

I got an ABU Cushies sample with my pacifier from PacifiersRUs. The diaper was so cute!

I felt like one tape wasn't enough, so after Daddy got me all diapered up, we put some Hello Kitty duct tape on the diaper.
It felt so nice having the diaper on. It was the perfect size for me too. Daddy tucked me into bed and gave me my binky and I fell right asleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night super sweaty from the diaper and it made me feel cold and gross... kinda gave me flashbacks to waking up with a wet goodnites when I was a kid. So I took it off.
I think I was so sweaty because I already wasn't feeling so well. Maybe another time of the month I'll enjoy it more. Or maybe I'll just use cloth diapers. It was still an awesome experience, and I think I'd like to wear diapers some while I'm awake because I liked the sensation of having it on before I got all sweaty from being bundled up and sleeping.

My wife(Daddy) and I talked about it today, and she said that I was so cute, she felt like her heart was melting! Being more babyish/toddlerish is very new to me because for the past couple years I've identified as a little girl, around 5 years old. And she loved that. But now that I'm feeling younger, I can tell she's much more into it. She said that's the age group she always loved to interact with and that when her nieces and nephews were that age, she thought they were the cutest things ever and wanted to take care of them. She even changed their diapers, no problem. It makes me so happy to see her as enthusiastic about this as I am!

The other night I actually woke her up crying after I read Onecho's response in the thread about some fantasies that can never be a reality. She read the post and then told me that if it were possible for me to actually become a child again, she would take care of me.

I'm very lucky.

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