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New Car Maybe?

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My car is slowly dieing. I can feel the transmission going and want to sell it before it goes completely and then won't be able to sell it. I currently own a 99' Honda CR-V with almost 140,000 miles. It has been an amazing car and could probably still run another 100,000 miles if I got the transmission looked at. Only problem is that it is not truly mine. It belongs to my Mom. She has given me the "okay" to sell it as she agrees that it will soon start having problems that will be more costly to fix than what the car is worth.

I have figured with the condition my car is in now, I can get about 5-6k for it, if not more. The car that I want is a 2013 Kia Soul. They run about 17k for a mid or 14k for low end basic. This car has gotten great reviews so far and is something I could easily afford the monthly payments on ($250 a month for 2 years) or lower if I choose to go with a different payment plan and I have enough to put a nice down payment on it as well.

I am still going to shop around see what else I can afford that is new. I don't want to buy used, I am to paranoid and the fact I know nothing about cars....well....I would just get screwed over.


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    The older honda's from that era were amazing. A guy in my area has a '98 civic that he takes care of, it has about 630,000 kms on the body and around 340,000 on the current engine. The funny thing is, the old engine that was removed from this car was put into another car, and that engine is still going strong after over 500,000 kms of driving.

    That is pretty crazy, considering most vehicles these days seem to crap out at around 300,000 kms in the conditions they face where I live.

    If you're worried about buying something used, you could buy something that is maybe a year or two old that is still under warranty? You might find a very nice vehicle and also save a little bit of money.

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