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Tales of a DLing College Student


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As of today, all of my school work for my summer courses is complete. No more papers until I get back to school!

Naturally, I saved the majority of my workload until the night before I had to turn it in. This usually works out well for me, but it is a habit that I would very much like to break. Anyone have advice on how to just sit down and get it done in smaller chunks?

Anyway, now I can start the "goofing off" part of my summer, and what a fine month its going to be. In addition to my eternal vice, Blazblue, Darksiders 2 is getting released as well as Torchlight 2 and Guild Wars 2. I can also reliably play TERA from the comfort of my home's stellar internet connection. Anyone else have games they're looking forward to this month?

As for going 24/7, I've made up my mind about doing it. Now I just have to concern myself with where I'll be getting the supplies from and when I'm going to tell the people I plan on telling. I still plan to keep a daily blog on my experiences as well as writing a full guide for anyone who might wish to go 24/7 in the future. There is a woeful lack of complete guides on the subject, and I feel that I should create something useful to others while I have the chance.

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