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I'm back and some fun news.

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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on this site so I thought I'd come back cause I've missed you guys so much!

I've had a lot of things happened to me since I've stopped visiting:

1. I got a girlfriend (I couldn't believe it myself :P)
2. I've been on the West End stage, performing Lion King and Wicked. (It was Her Majesty's Theater)
3. I've done my first year in college, studying childcare.

Now there's also some news that I'm really excited for. My drama group's been asked to perform on the West End, again (At Sadler Wells, which is a dance house theater) and there's a chance for me to go to a West End summer school, which gives me a chance to be spotted by casting directors, agents etc. I'm so excited. There's also another thing. I've seen some ads around college, and I've looked online, and there's a volunteer opportunity for me to be a camp Councillor in a camp in America! I'm so excited to do that that I'm gonna sign up when I get the chance. So if you're old enough to go to camp, and I'm going to your one, I'll keep an eye out for you!

Well, that's all there is from me, I'll send you over to my co worker -- whoops wrong site. BYE!

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