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Diapers in hotel!

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Well my family and I are heading to Yellowstone National Park this weekend and I decided to spice it up a bit and bring some diapers for myself! Well...I only brought 2 because I really don't want to be discovered... especially on a family vacation.

Anyways, I tried putting my first diaper on after a bath in our hotel room and well.. the tab ripped!!! These cloth cushies of mine are awesomeness but I've already ruined at least 4 of them by ripping off the tabs by accident. It's a real shame! So now I'm in my one and only diaper for the trip

Anyways, it's good fun! Not to mention comfy. Has anyone else ever chilled in a diaper while on a vacation?


  1. Soakingboy's Avatar
    Hi Wambles,
    I can't remember sleeping in a hotel without a diaper on. This was a hobby I started some years ago. I travel a lot with work, and after some years, this certainly loses some of its appeal. I have found by treating myself to more diaper time during such trips, it usually makes things more interesting. It usually involves me picking up locally available diapers, which often differ quite a bit from country to country and using them when in my room (esp. to bed).

    Bit awkward last week though... Working in my room before evening meeting, and housekeeping were tired of my "Not Now" sign on the door... They knocked again, (I had left it 2 days straight) and I opened, explaining bedding and towels were fine. She asked if she could at least empty trash, to which I agreed, thinking she would clear what was in living room... Not realizing that she would also do bathroom... She exits with the overflowing trashcan with about 4 rolled up, soaked diapers in clear plastic bags (all I could find!!).... For once did feel a bit ashamed....

    Ah well... :-)
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