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Bitterly Disappointed with Tena

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It's been some time since I last wrote...

It has also been some time since I last bought and wore Tena Value Adult Diapers. In fact, they changed the design of it so drastically that I could not believe they were once my favourite diaper. Yes, once upon a time! I've just worn one diaper from the new pack and already I don't like them!

I bought a pack and tried on one yesterday night. The new diapers are now much more crinkly and noisy. They were already the noisiest diaper I've tried, but the new ones have taken the noise and crinkle factor to a new level! I don't like noise, for the chances of my folks smurfing me out is greater. It didnt help that of all days, my dad came into my room and chose to talk to me for a bit. I was as still as a mouse but had i worn a No Frills diaper(my usual diaper), I would not have had to. I must thank my lucky stars that he did not hear anything.

Then there are the tapes. Tena has ditched the (two tape system for multiple fastening) in favour of a (diaper plastic faceplate for sticking the tapes onto- like baby diapers). That (faceplate) is not wide enough! I ended up tearing the diaper as I removed the tapes, which was soaking wet and spilled out. Really!

I must admit that I really miss the old Tena Value. It had a simpler design and did not have the name 'Tena" printed all over it in a disgusting dark-blue colour and an ugly pack design. All these negated the only good thing in my opinion, that they added - the standing leak guards.

These new Tenas are more espensive too. They cost S$9.30 versus the older one at S$8.35(7.60 when I bought my first pack in 2008). Yea I know that diaper prices worldwide are rising(food and water prices have been rising too right? but I feel that they are not value for money. While I can't flood my NF diapers, at least they are quiet and are able to do their job well at S$5.35. So for the extra pocket money I saved up, this is what I got for myself.

I'm sorry, this post turned out to be a very long rant, but I wanted to get this off my chest.

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