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*lil squeaky cough*

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Being sick sucks.... someone bring this cub soup.


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    I'm actually eating soup right now >.>

    *Pours a bowl*
  2. Jaiden's Avatar
    Well, I had to kill an awful lot of cubs to make the soup and it was a messy job, let me tell you. Still, if you think it will make you better I suppose it's worth it. I'll send it out to you in the...oh wait *re-reads* that isn't what you meant is it? And they were so cute...

    Hmm. Anyone interested in purchasing a fur coat at all?

    Get well soon, Drew.
  3. Neonite's Avatar
    Awws. Get well soon. D:

    *hands a bowl of soup* n.n
  4. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
    get better
  5. Corri's Avatar
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