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My main Fursona.. Specs'n Stuff!

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I found this in a thread somewheres.. thought I would give it a try ^-^

Name: Kaoruko Lee
Age: 17; varies on mood dependency (younger versions, etc)
Sex: Male
Species: Wox: Combination of Wolf, Fox, and slight amount of Racoon. Please do not refer to him (me :P) a a Folf :c
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 170 lbs

- Hair and fur: White, grey.
In Summer : Fur shifts to a general lighter colour. Tail remains the same; black and white with fading to each color (in no specific pattern)
In Fall-Winter : Fur is darker, more blacks and greys after molting. Tail is the same as above.
- Markings: Mentioned above
- Eye color: Sapphire blue
- Other features: 'scuse me? -headscratch-
Behavior and Personality:Shy and withdrawn. Once he get's to know someone, he's a lot more playful and silly. Not well angered or intimidated by others.

Skills: None
Weaknesses: None

Likes: Rice, swimming... lots of stuff! :3
Dislikes: Cats and the dark, (real-world Phobia :C)

History: Long and tiresome D:

Aaand additional stuff if you want a "what's your blood type?" style bio

Clothing/Personal Style: Dislikes jeans or long pants, prefers shorts.
Picture: None; though my profile picture is a slight resemblance of the markings

Goal: Success in life and career
Profession: Web Development
Personal quote: Grawr! :P
Theme song: dada-dada-dadu-batma-! NO. lol, N/A
Birthdate: 11-24-1994 (same as mee :P) (except the babyfur version 0-0)
Star sign: Sagittarius

Favorite food: Rice, Vegetables of any kind
Favorite drink: Tea or Milk
Favorite location: At Home :P
Favorite weather: Rainy, with Thunder and Lightning!
Favorite color: Blue, Midnight Blue, Orange, non-metallic Silver, and Forest Green; black and white (especially when contrasting)

Least liked food: Meat
Least liked drink: Cola's
Least liked location: None!
Least liked weather: Tornadoes? o-o

Favorite person: Haruko :3
Least liked person: PATUX3T blah-blah. dead friendship :s
Friends: Lots :0
Relations: N/A
Enemies: None that I know of D:
Significant other: Faolan/Haruko
Orientation: Homosexual


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