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ABU Super Dry Kids....A quick impression

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I've gone through about half of my 10 pack of ABU SKDs and I have to say I like them. I think I need to get large size because the mediums barely fit....large would probably work better. Still, I like these a lot. They feel good on me in spite of them being a little small for me. And they work pretty good even with the size issue. They are comfy to wear, the tapes hold like glue and they look very cute. The absorbency is something that I was concerned about, but they handle 3 good wettings without leaking...I'm not even using plastic pants at night. With 3 wettings I'm not even pressing anything out when I sit down on them. The leak barriers are pretty tall, stay against my skin pretty good and have easily contained the messes I have made. I have not tried wetting on my side, and I'm pretty sure if I did I'd need plastic pants as there is not much padding in the wings.

All in all I like these, and will buy them again, but in the larger size. They are indeed a very good replication of a Pampers diaper. After I try the larger size I may actually do a real review of these.
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  1. Breeze2's Avatar
    Ive pretty much used SDK exclusively for the last year or so for need at night and comfort at other times. You mentioned moving up a size, I had to do that as well, also for side sleeping I add a small booster pad at night to draw more moisture toward the center and away from the waist and sides... this works great and I never get a side leak.
  2. DaveTDL's Avatar
    Thanks, Breeze....I've been contemplating boosters for some time now...with the plastic pants I am not too worried, but I may try boosters for the rest of the summer to get rid of the plastic pants...they get rather warm.
  3. Cottontail's Avatar
    Definitely try the large. I recently bought some of the cloth-backed Cushies, and while the medium was roomy enough in the waist, the rise wasn't enough to get the diaper to ride on my hips/butt; it felt like it would eventually fall down. The large, on the other hand, was... fantastic! I loved it--one of my best diapered experiences, quite honestly.
  4. DaveTDL's Avatar
    Thanks, Cottontail. I am going to order more SDKs this week, and I will get the large. My problem with the mediums is that the tapes barely go to the landing zone and the fit didn't feel quite right...just like you say, it felt like it was going to fall down. Functionally they were fine, they just didn't feel quite right. The large should fix this. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.