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Spokane Sub-culture and possible experiment...

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I have lived in many places and likewise seen many things. I have lived in Spokane, Wa. for nearly a year now and have found it surprisingly easy to get by as an AB.

I am Wiccan, there are a few groups that operate in the area and despite the religion, I found that most of the pagan community here is very conservative. Which is a major change from what I'm used too.

So at this point I would consider things to be at a 2/2 but the last is just killer to me ><

The "rave" scene is basically completely underground, there aren't even any clubs that come close. I could care less about the drug scene most associated with raves....but seriously not even a club here, it's sad.

So this got me to thinking. In a city that is secretly trying to have fun, what would happen if a small group of people got together purely just to walk though downtown. Dressed in the extremes of their sub-culture, would it pique peoples interest. Which brings me to a new goal of mine.

I plan on starting an anual event for people of different sub-cultures to walk the streets of downtown Spokane for a couple hours, get food, socialize, and hopefully raise awareness. For me as an AB due to my work, I wouldn't run around in just a diaper. I would definitely be padded but would probably be in my rave clothes, being a cyber I think it would be most interesting to see peoples reactions. So, a video camera is a must - Not only will I be able to see peoples reactions but with it on youtube I imagine I can make the event grow into a sort of festival. Perhaps and maybe just perhaps get some good media coverage.

Knowing what I do about the human psyche in regards to social endeavors, I know that most people are willing to participate so long as someone else starts it. I also think communication is the key to everything. So by starting a gathering like this (probably annually) My hope is that people will learn that these sub-cultures that are around them aren't all evil and are usually a means of relieving stress.

I don't know, I just came up with the idea today. It is still in the very very early stages, but hopefully this will evolve into something that will raise awareness and acceptance.

Note: I call myself a Cyber, this is generalized term for Cyber Goth. I don't really think "Goth" is all that appropriate for most in this particular sub-culture, but it stuck. If you want to see a good example of the Cyber Goth community I would check out Eisenfunk - Pong or Techno Viking vs Pentafunk Jenny GodlessAngel 1080HD - YouTube


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    I'd think finding out why there isn't a middle-ground between the above-ground, and underground already...before trying to create one, would be in order. Spokane can be adaptive, and yet very conservative...I wouldn't just go posting people (unawares) on YouTube, and such either... I appreciate where I believe you are coming from as far as rallying support, and more open socialization, but I'm concerned that you aren't considering the real possibilities of a very negative reaction...particularly ones that could cause serious harm to yourself and others. Talk to many of your peers first, and get their may find good reason to just keep it under wraps for now. I really don't wish to discourage you, or anyone from more progressive actions...(IMO) a year is not much time to properly assess the depths of such complexities of a city. Spokane has a history, that's probably worth looking into...

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