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If Depends are terrible...

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...I can't wait to try the good stuff!

I bought the Depends Fit Kit today, simply because I wanted to try them out and see just how much better they would be compared to the generic ones I bought. The kit came with 1 diaper of each size (I just tried on the S/M..not sure what to do with the L and XL) and boy, are they better! I actually feel like I have a diaper on now x.x the generics fit pretty big and loose, and weren't snug at all. These depends hug me beautifully, and I feel like I'm in heaven! These are also much sturdier as well, and the padding goes much farther up the back than the generics, making me feel so much more babyish. I love feeling the padding against me c:! Im definitely glad I bought them, and I can't wait until I buy an actual pack Saturday!

I'm aware that Depends are nothing in comparison to other diapers, but it's all I can get at the moment! In fact, seeing as these are poop compared to the diapers I plan on using in the future, I'm just THAT much more excited for when I can finally get some.

Thank you, dipeys. You've made me one happy baby girl ^-^


  1. Clarity's Avatar
    That is awesome. Enjoy those diapers and put them to good use!
  2. Trevor's Avatar
    I think Depends are adequate for what they are as widely available, fairly inexpensive products. I would of course prefer that higher quality diapers be available retail but clearly these are getting the job done for most people or there would be significant pressure for improvement.

    From what you said, it sounds like you may not have had Fitted Maximum Protection/Protection with Tabs (same product, different names) in your pack. If you're exclusively looking for the clothy covered pull-ups, then you're on the right track. If you would be interested in something with tapes and a plastic outer shell, then the above product is one to try. Again, there are certainly better ones available online but these will do fine in the meantime. Enjoy
  3. Coyote_Howl's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by alu
    if you haven't tried wetting them then you'll find out soon why there claimed crap. I suggest something general like abena, or molicare seeming as your in america, if you want to be babyish then go for bambino.
    That is pretty much correct (at least from everything I've heard on here). And yeah the generally online ones tend to be way thicker then depends will be (in the case of bambinos, way thicker and louder xD).

    Dunno why depends sell that well to be honest, everything I hear makes them to be good for little wettings, but otherwise terrible. I realize marketing helps a good bit, and maybe just most people only need that much protection? *shrugs*

    But none the less, glad you at least have a much better option that fits more what you want! And I'm 99.99999999999999% sure you'll love the ones that you can mainly only get online way more once you are able to get them =p
  4. Nothingnobodynothing's Avatar
    I agree with all of you! I'm highly aware of the other diapers out there, however, they just aren't attainable at the moment. I can't order online due to nosy parents! Ha!

    Actually, I'm extremely disappointed. I bought an actual pack of Depends today and they were WAY thinner and less padded than the sample pack ones. I feel really ripped off. In fact, I compared the pack of Depends I bought to the generic brand, and they're basically exactly the same. The sample ones were so much better! I'm not happy at all :c
  5. Coyote_Howl's Avatar
    Were they the same kind, I think they have a few different kinds of them *shrugs*. Also what are these things called nosy parents? =P - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.