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Birthdays,events and more from my life

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Hi again to the blogs,

Soooo...Things been happening lately that just as usuall seems like im on this roller coaster that never stops going up and down...

One day,this great thing happens then the next day its something bad happens...Its like the benge-plunge cycle but its my life thats its happening at...

Anyways,my being a adult that im not to happy about will be on July 8th...My dreaded 18th birthday I have allways feared in real life...It means I cant legally be a kid anymore...Im going to hate it,I feel like a 7 year old kid in this old hairy body which grosses me out on so many levels...I even take the shaver and shave shave shave all my body hair off.

One thing I do hope as a present is that since my mom and my most close friends know about me being open for the first time in my life and what came out was that I like to wear diapers all the time so even tho I doubt they might do it but I do kind of hope they get me a box of diapers as a present...I would be really greatful

I hate growing up...It sucks so freaking badly!

Other then that,some other things like im getting a new laptop on the 19th of this month and im ordering online the fastest processor in the world called this AMD FX 8 core/95 watt version processor to put in the new laptop so I can upload all the pictures that I had of Pokemon on diapers requests.

So not really that much from me but see ya in 15 days on my new laptop for collage.

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