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About Two weeks ago My Oslest sister and her family moved in. I have excited about this change since I found out. I knew that only good would come from this and Hell was I right.

First Off, it has been so nice just to have my sister and nephew and bro-in-law back in the state. Since they got here it has been wonderful. We are having so much fun.

Secondly There has been such a change in the home. There is so much Joy and happiness. The Energy change in the house is literally visibly different. Today the FedEx guy came to deliver my monthly diaper shipment and he said that our house looks different, bright and bigger.

One thing that I really like is that my sister is a huge support to me. She never ever looks down on me for anything. She fully supports my ABDL side. she said that I am on a journey of discovering who I am. For so long my mom has wanted me to go to the Councilor to "fix" the AB "problem." But I only wanted to discover if that is who I am or if it just a temporary thing. Well through my journey it seems to be becoming evident that it is who I am, and I am not ashamed of it in anyway shape or form. And it is so nice to have my sister support me in it. She is an amazing friend and I am so glad to have her around.

For the first time in seven years I am the happiest I have ever been. Also I am healthier than I have been since 2005. So right now Life is good and I am enjoying finding out who I am.

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