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Shaken up

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Ever since the car crash last Saturday, things have been very stressful for me.

Not having a car is a bummer, but as my mum told me yesterday, it's better to miss a car, than to miss you.

I have found it difficult to fall asleep at all. Whenever i try too, all I can hear is my sisters screams from the crash. She got off worse than I did. She's badly bruised and is off work for a week or two. I'm feeling sore, but luckily got away with no bruises.

I am exhausted at work and have no energy to do anything, unless I take an energy drink or something, but then when it comes to sleeping, I just can't.

My mum gave me a lift home from work yesterday and someone almost pulled out of a side road (like in the crash) and I almost had a panic attack. I know I'll probably still feel like this for a while but it definitely got me frightened.

Still no news on whether they have got the guy who caused all this or not. Just waiting on how much I'll receive so I can go out and get a car.

I would like to say a big thank you though to Shadowhawk, who has helped me through this and has pretty much made sure that I'm feeling happy and getting enough rest, so thank you dude, much appreciated .

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