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Tales of a DLing College Student

Sorry about the absence...

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So yeah, I got sick on day 2 of a month long class. Now I'm behind of everything and I still feel like crap. I felt pretty good about the presentation I did today; I told him I wasn't ready to deliver it, but said I'd go ahead with it anyway. It went great despite my fears of not being prepared.

The rest of the week went okay. I missed one of the days of classes (Pre-college students, take note. This is a terrible thing to do in a month long class!) but the work isn't so overwhelming that I can't catch up.

I went swimming in Walden Pond yesterday, the water felt absolutely great and I swam out to the middle of the lake before realizing that getting back to the shore would take at least 5 minutes. I survived, obviously, but I'll have to think twice before doing that again when I'm sick.

As for being sick, I'm not staying in bed the entire time I have to rest like I was on Wednesday and Thursday. I still feel pretty bad; I'm having a hard time catching my breath I'm tired and I'm dizzy. I hope this isn't a rerun of the crap I put up for two years in high school (a much longer story, I'll have to tell you sometime) because that shit lasts for weeks. (Inb4 "have you checked yourself for mono?" Yes, yes, a million times yes. The tests were negative every time consistently for months at a time.) Here's to hoping it isn't that old spiel again, I missed like 20 days of school to it in Junior and Senior year.

On the 24/7 front, its still looking very serious. I honestly really want to do this now; its even making the prospect of going back to school pleasant. Its not that I don't enjoy college; its just that everybody hates organic chemistry. Who knows, maybe I won't be getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of my exams. (Seriously bladder, wtf? I sit down to do something important and its like you've never emptied myself in all 19 years of my life.)

Here's to keeping healthy... or at least healing quickly.


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