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Got my ABU Super Dry Kids today...

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These diapers look fantastic, and smell great (I got the scent added). I cannot wait to try these at night, but will probably have to wait a few days because of my work schedule and the fact that it's so hot here. I a little concerned about how they will fit since I'm right on the edge of medium and large. The Abena mediums fit me okay so I'm hoping these will as well.
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  1. Breeze2's Avatar
    I use SDK regularly... I get a case each month. When you tape it on, position it so that the tape tabs are at your "natural waistline" and leave a little room for expansion in the crotch area... dont pull it up real high like a wedgie or it will not fit or perform correctly. However, do pull the sides tight as you apply the tapes so it wont slide down. I add a small booster pad to the center of the diaper at night just in case... I have never had a leak, these are so authentic (in my opinion) I dont even bother trying other kinds anymore. The cloth-like Cushies are good if your worried about noise, and they fit the same as the plastic backed version. One huge attraction for me is that the plastic material on the SDK's and Cushies is that it is exactly how the original Pampers were back in the day (pre-90's).
  2. DaveTDL's Avatar
    I tried them last night, and I may do a review of them as soon as I wear them a few more night. I had no problem with the tapes, and the fit was just about time I'll get the large size as the tapes just make it to the landing zone. The thing that I found remarkable was how 'deep' the leak barriers seems like there is an inch between the top of the barriers and the padding. I had no leaks, even with two good wettings. I used plastic pants last night, and probably will do so for the next few nights until I see how they work if I wet on my side. It seems these would do well for messes also, looking at how deep the barriers are. I'll probably wear one again tonight...they probably won't replace Abenas as my fav, but when I want to feel more babyish (I'm mostly a DL) they will work nicely. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.