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Dentist Update

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Just a quick update on my trip to dentist for the "dreaded" root canal. For those of you who have this procedure coming up in the future let me just say, try not to worry yourself to death like I did. Im sure there are some painful procedures but as for my visit, I was in the chair for 2 hours doing the root canal, fitting for crown, prep for crown, and temporary tooth to hold until crown arrives. It was completly PAIN FREE!!! Im serious, no pain at all. I either have the best dentist ever or this procedure is nothing like it used to be. Im sure its a little of both. Anyways.
I arrived and they took me straight back. The assistant explained the whole procedure to me and told me it how it should be a fairly painless experience. The Dr. showed up and reassured me that he would do everything to make me as comfortable as possible from the first shot to the end of the procedure. Anytime I had a problem or experience any pain to let him know immediatly. As with every time ive seen this man, he began with the novocane shots and never hurt me at all except for a extremely slight pinch. He began to check on another patient while the medicine took effect and told the assistant to go ahead and get an impression of my mouth for the crown. I was fairly numb by the time she stuck the big bit thing with the putty in my mouth and I could only feel it on my opposite side of the tooth to be worked on. By the time I gave it a second thought, she had an odd look on her face and looked at the monitor and said, I have this on the wrong side of your mouth dont I? I mumbled a laugh and she began to laugh and pulled it out. She apologized and said "Well that was no good, Im sorry I really need my coffee. Better this than Dr. Woods working on the wrong tooth!" I agreed and she said he did numb the right side of your mouth didnt he? I assured her that he did and we had a good laugh.
The Dr. came back over and started the procedure and I was completely numb. He told me everything he was doing but I want go into much more detail. By the time the worse part of the procedure was over he assured me that if I hadnt felt any pain, I probably wouldnt. Very good experience and I promise you, Ive had worst pain with a feeling. I will never use another dentist except for Dr. Woods. I have not used one pain pill, and my jaw bone is a little sore. I hope this helps all of you that are dentist phobic like me. Do not pay attention to the horror stories and get yourself worked up, because chances are it will all be for nothing.
Sorry if this is a little fast written, but I am late for work and gotta run. Such relief to have this behind me!! Good night guys!!!


  1. Blacksmith's Avatar
    for me the worst part is the shot.
    I had a dentist hit the nerve dead on. ouch
  2. Painn's Avatar
    He is either really good, or I'm real lucky because I've had alot of other work done by him and have never felt his needles. Other dentist when I was a kid, oh god his shots liked to killed me.
  3. AuraBlaze's Avatar
    I have a really good dentist too. He had to replace a tooth for my in 7th grade, and it was completely painless. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.