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Tales of a DLing College Student

I've arrived...

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So here I am, in the hotel room where I will be staying for my month long summer course. Thankfully, I was not "upgraded" to Rebecca's Guest House. The room itself is rather pleasant; it is not at all what I was expecting after the scathing reviews I read yesterday. It is a little small for a room I will be sharing for a month, though I did arrive first so the larger bed is MINE (*evil laughter*). It seems to be about six inches shorter than the other bed in the room. I am 6'4", so I think I have enough of an argument to claim it as mine without contest (also, I got here first!).

The train ride up here was nice and quiet. The seat I chose was one of the ones that has a table and outlets, so I plugged in and loaded up Dead Pixels (seems like a fun game so far) and played the three hours away. Other than that it was a very uneventful ride. The man who sat across the aisle saw my Boken as I was taking it down from the luggage rack to prepare to get off the train; as it turned out, he practiced Iaido as well. We ended up having a short conversation of the advantages of using a metal katana. I do intend to move onto a blunted katana when I move far enough along in my training.

This whole hotel smells funny. Not bad funny, just odd funny. Every room has a different scent; even my hotel room smells odd, though its a scent that's easy to get used to. I don't know If I could deal with the smell of the halls for too long. The halls and the stairwell both smell strongly of some variety of stain.

Another user on the site has offered to go 24/7 with me in college, which I am still strongly considering (now looking for a decent start date). If all goes well, this could be a very interesting fall semester. I'm getting a lot of good advice on my thread, so to all you guys who offered words of wisdom or advice, please accept my thanks.

See you tomorrow (Is this going to be a daily thing? Only time will tell!).


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