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Being a Bedwetter and Becoming more Incontinent as the days go by

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My whole life, ever since i can remember i have wet the bed and worn diapers or GoodNites to bed. More and more recently I have been having urges to use the toilet during the day and now i don't know when it happens. Wetting is 1 thing and messing is another though. About a month ago I started messing way more often then usual and as soon as I felt the urge, I couldn't control it. And now I need to wear diapers.

I have been a DL ever since i got curious and tried a diaper when I was 10 years old, later i enjoyed wetting them. But I never thought it would come to this! Even though I have always been a Bedwetter, it will still be hard for me to get used to being Incontinent!

When I was younger I also thought about what it would be like to become or grow up Incontinent, but I never wanted to try it because I was too scared. But now it seems like I dont really have a choice. I guess its a great thing that I am already a Bedwetter and that I have been a DL most of my life!

Right now Im trying to accept myself as being Incontinent, and if anyone bugs me; I know I will just tell them "what the hell is your problem?" or "so what, im incontinent... GOT A PROBLEM?". (after being bullied in high school, i dont take anyones crap anymore... I actually snapped in school and beat up my bullies)

Does anyone else have any simular stories/experiences?

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