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Tales of a DLing College Student


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As I am leaving for Concord, Massachusetts for my second summer course, I decided to take a look at the reviews for the "Inn" that our class is supposedly staying at for the month. I can only describe the bad reviews as scathing, though I am a little weirded out by the good reviews. The good reviews are extremely positive and the bad reviews do their best to tear the inn a new asshole. Its like the people didn't stay at the same place. I'm a bit nervous because most of the poor reviews revolve around the "Rebecca's Guest House" part of the establishment and based on my teacher's description of the rooms this guest house is the only thing we could possibly be staying in. The reviews (at least the bad ones) are a pretty good read, if you wana take a look you can find them here: Concord's Colonial Inn (Concord, MA) - Inn Reviews - TripAdvisor

In other news, I got a haircut in preparation for the month of exploring, hiking and city walking I'm about to go through. I decided that, given the heat I've had so far and my angry reaction whenever I overheat, it would probably be a good idea to do whatever is possible to prevent overheating (especially given the reported state of the air conditioners in the hotel). As usual, I hate how I look with short hair (I prefer the long disheveled look regardless of what anyone else tells me) and everyone around me has nothing but compliments for my new look. I fail to see how they could like it, maybe its just the departure from what I'm used to.

Despite their insistence that they wouldn't be home from the city apartment until this morning, my parents returned home around 10 last night while I had an extremely wet diaper on. I made the excuse that I didn't immediately come down to see them because I wasn't expecting them home so soon and was in the middle of a game I had just bought (a half-truth, sue me). I removed it when the coast was clear and went to greet them in boxers. So much for a pleasant night in diapers alone.

Probably the most shocking part of my day came at around 3am. I was making some new characters in TERA when my brother arrived home from his night of what I can only assume was partying. I did not have pants on to cover my newly put on Bellisimo, and I only noticed him when he was at the top of my stairs, just outside my closed door. I heard footsteps approach my door and then...

He walked up the stairs to his floor, I had misheard the placement of his steps. That's when something odd happened; I realized that my brother was leaving to his job in California soon and that I probably did not have a whole lot of time left to talk to him. We've been trying to learn things about each other to grow closer so I donned some shorts and went up to his room. I poked my head in his door and told him I had something I wanted to share with him. After getting the okay from him I went into his bathroom, removed my shorts and walked into his room wearing nothing but a shirt and diaper where I attempted to calmly tell him, "I enjoy wearing diapers." (I was shivering intensely all the while.)

All in all, he was pretty accepting of it. I had hinted at weird interests in earlier conversations and he said that this revelation of me was extremely unexpected. After finishing my little speech and assuring him that I don't like messing them (I don't) I abandoned ship quickly. As I was headed back down the stairs I head him say, "I still love you." He's a lot cooler than I give him credit for sometimes.

Anyway, I should really get back to cleaning my room up. My mother wants it spotless so she doesn't have to do anything to it while I'm gone. Given the box of Bambinos in the corner, I should probably try to discourage that venture as much as possible.

P.S. Still planning on going 24/7 for some time at college, hit up my thread on diaper talk if you have advice. Many unanswered questions remain, though the encouragement is nice.

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