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Almost had a leaky explosion last night...

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So last night I padded up as I usually do before going to bed. Within 5 minutes I felt an explosive poop coming on...very wet and runny and NOT the kind of poo I like to sleep in. And since I was wearing an Assurance rather than an Abena, I knew that if I let this explode out it would turn into a real leaky mess, even with plastic pants. So I just held if for a few minutes, until the feeling subsided. I little bit did manage to push it's way out, but not enough to cause a problem. Then I turned over on my side, and the feeling almost completely went away. I slept just fine, no explosions. By this morning enough liquid had been absorbed that it was no longer an explosive, watery mess, but a soft poo, the kind that is okay to say in for a bit. I couldn't stay in it long since I have to go to work in a bit, but it was still a nice feeling.
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