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The Love and Loss of a BabyGirl

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As I write this, I feel very... floaty. That's the best way I can describe the rather sad, depressed state I'm in. I'm feeling this way because yesterday, Father's Day, my BabyGirl Xelxier and ended our relationship. Now I feel... rather lost. A Daddy without his BabyGirl is rather lost.

There were multiple reasons for the split. Good, valid reasons. In fact, I think it was probably the right call. Still I will miss her very much, both as a beautiful BabyGirl and also as a best friend.

I'm not writing to express my sadness though, in fact I'd rather like to encourage any other Daddies and their littles who are in similar relationships, or those who are actively looking for them. Because in the 9 months we were together, I experienced more joy and happiness than I think I ever have before. We grew very close, even met once and that intimate and beautiful relationship was a wonderful thing for both of us. Regardless of how I'm feeling now, after it's all over, I know it was a worthwhile investment. She grew into her little side and I grew into my Daddy role and we nurtured those things in each other, becoming best friends in the process. She was, one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

So now that I'm looking back on it, I know I will always have fond and positive memories of the experience and it has shaped how I view myself and how I view this part of me. I am proud of having been a part of her world.

*raises glass*
So here's to you BabyGirl, you were amazing.


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