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Now accepting commision requests

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Now that my older brother has moved out, I have my own room and a lot of private time. I have recently started drawing and found that I like it quite a bit. So, to try and expand my abilities and the add to the list of subjects that I draw, I will be accepting commision requests from members.

Here's how it's gonna work. You PM me with a description of what you want drawn. I may PM you back to ask for more details or confirm that I am planning on drawing it for you. I can't 100% gaurentee that all requests will be drawn, But I'm not asking for any money either. The way it works is the simpler picture you ask for, the more likely it is to get done. When I've got a basic sketch, I will send it to you to see what you think. If you like it, I will finish it up (black and white and colored are availible, But Colored is slightly less likely to get done.) If it's not what you were thinking, send a PM with what you want different. Once the final is done, I will send it to you, and you can send me feedback.

Also note that I do not have a solid ability to scan everyday, so I am not setting a schedule for commisions to get sent in. But since I do not want any payment, you cannot really complain that much about it...

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