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Back Story, Part 2?

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This is a follow up to my first blog post: Origins Which is a the start of a historic response to: Fantasies do come true

My first year of college I lived on campus with a roommate, a friend from high school. Living in the same room as someone and in a dorm with 100 other people makes wearing diapers a bit of a challenge. I made due with wear when my roommate was out of town.

I got a credit card to pay for textbooks, but as an added bonus I could now order actual packages of diapers online. Being ever curious, I mostly found myself buying sampler/mix packs. With few opportunities to wear, they lasted a long time.

Moving into my second year, I bought a condo and got some roommates. Having a private room again made it easier for me to get into buying actual packages of diapers. I was not wearing too often, but it was nice to know they were around.

I ended up dating a girl who was kinda kinky, so I told her about my DL fetish. She was remarkably accepting and we even wore diapers together a few times. This had an added benefit of getting some of the guilt I had about hiding my fetish off my chest. The relationship ended after a year for other reasons (mostly me being an immature/fickle jerk).

After that relatively healthy relationship, it became obvious to me that to be in any serious relationship in the future I would have to eventually disclose my fetish. My next serious relationship was nearly a year and a half long. Disclosing my fetish in this relationship was... tolerated. She wasn't interested and didn't want to hear anything about it. I never felt like that was the reason we broke it off, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was for her.

I went single for a while after that. I was finishing up my degree and doing consulting to pay the bills. My father passed away in the middle of my 3rd year. I got a bit of an inheritance, so the next summer I sold my condo and bought a house. Even more privacy meant I could enjoy diapers even more. By this time, I was buying diapers by the case.

Until I finished my degree I kinda kept to myself. Between a more than full course load and my consulting work I was incredibly busy. Of course, I took every opportunity I got to wear diapers around the house. Working from home does have some perks after all

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