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Getting back to my old self

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Awhile back I had posted that I wanted to start a blog but was too worn out to do so. I think I remember saying something about losing my spark. Well it looks like I'm getting my Mojo back and finally starting to feel like my old self.

For those who have ever used opiate/opioid pain medications for any length youíll know what Iím referring to. I feel like have literally been through hell and I donít say that lightly. Eleven years ago I almost died from a severe case of Pneumonia and believe me when I say coming off these medications was every bit as difficult as going through that.

These were prescribed for what I was told was Rheumatoid Arthritis but after having several positive tests for Lyme disease I now doubt that diagnosis. So after being on Antibiotics over the course of a year I began to see some improvement in my health. It was around this time that I was also was told that I would need hip surgery to repair an impingement in the joint; to which Iím proud to say was a huge success.

But I was still left with some pain issues so I continued on with the medication but after awhile I noticed that my short term memory began to suffer. I believe my memory to be one of my greatest assets and to be having issues was really concerning. Then if that wasnít a big enough problem I began to notice that I just didnít enjoy life the way I used to; nothing seemed interesting and I began to look on life in a sort of dulled and depressed manner. I truly felt like I had lost my spark and zest for life. Enough was enough and, I made the decision to quit taking the medications and as I had mentioned earlier it was by far one of the most difficult things Iíve ever had to do. If my prescribing physician had ever explained to me at least half of what these will do I would NEVER have taken them in the first place but I suppose that unless youíve been through this yourself thereís just no way of knowing.

Now after being off them I find that I no longer have chronic pain issues, my mood has lifted and I am happy again.

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