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I am bad luck

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I am the touch of death when it comes to having managers I like. So it started a little over a year ago when I got a promotion to a new location, was super excited, then 3 months in our GM disappeared. We were told he was reassigned, later found out to the unemployment line. Not to much later we lost a Manager that I had become friends with, he quit and moved on. About 6 months later our other completely awesome manager got fired for "stealing" but the stupid bitch who said he stole was just pissed that he would not bend to her will. Finally a position opened up at my old location, same job, but closer to where I live. Day I find out I got the spot, another Manager is getting transferred super far away. Last one was not too big of a deal as I was leaving anyway.

Been back at my old location for about a month, we just had a staff meeting yesterday and I find out that our GM, the one that hired me and helped promote me, very good friend and greatest boss ever! Is being transferred whether or not she likes it. Today was my last day working with her and I will miss having her as my GM.

The bit of happy news that comes out of any of this is that as I was leaving today she stopped me and said "You are an awesome supervisor" This made me feel really great and since I have been looking for a new job I don't feel as bad leaving, because I felt like I was ditching out.

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