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Adult Nursing....and DL

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My wife and I have been adult nursing off and on for over a year....mostly more off than on. Lately we've been nursing more often because we discovered it helps me sleep at night. Usually we nurse, nookie (if wanted) then I diaper and go to sleep. Last night I changed things up a bit. Because I was so tired I asked her if we could nookie (sex), diaper, then nurse. She was fine with this. I've got to tell you, it's an incredible feeling nursing from a breast while wearing a diaper. Nursing is normally a bonding thing, but last night for me it was a definite AB thing. My wife is not necessarily into the AB/DL thing, so I don't push the issue. But I really wanted to have her pat my diaper while I was nursing from her breast. I think she is slowly working up to that, but until that point comes I'll just be happy that she doesn't mind be being a DL and wearing a diaper to bed.

Looking forward to breastfeeding and wearing a diaper to bed tonight.

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