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New phone maybe?

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So I have had my piece of crap phone for 2 years, the thing gets random ads that pop up and won't go away, making it so I cannot make phone calls. It is the LG Cosmos II. Glad to be getting rid of it for a smartphone perhaps? Well unfortunately maybe not. So I go to Verizon not expecting to even look at the smartphones as I cannot afford them. Continue browsing when I see that one of them is on sale for the low price of "FREE" F*** YEAH! But what's the catch? $50 mail in rebate and a minimum data plan of 2 GB for $30 a month...BUT WAIT! Another sale is going on. Double the data for the same price a month! HELL YEAH MOTHER F******!

So that's $80 for a great deal with $50 back later. Great can I do it? NOPE they are out of stock. Can they order more in? NOPE they are being discontinued! Can they sell me the floor model? NOPE Can they get one from another store? YES...BUT....other store is 40 miles away and does not want to give any of the 4 they have left up or so I was told. I call up the store. Maybe I can persuade them? NOPE turns out those 4 phones are being sent to another store that is maybe another 30 miles away. They refuse to help me any further, nor will they tell me if the phones are already sold. So finally I call up this 70 mile away store. They are receiving the phones in tomorrow and are unsure if they are claimed, but the store that's 40 miles from me is also getting more in. SO WHY THE HELL DID THEY NOT TELL ME!

Here's where this may turn into a rave again. The guy at the far far away store took down my name and number and will call me tomorrow if one of the phones is available and would be more than happy to ship it out to the store closest to me!

TL;DR Getting a new phone, not getting a new phone, might be getting a new phone.


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    The double data program is being discontinued as of either midnight tonight or tomorrow. Sorry to put a negative spin on that.... On a side note, which phone were you looking at? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.