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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

I'm Not Homophobic, But...

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... I will now proceed to rant about what I think gays shouldn't be allowed to say or do and present it as a valid opinion on the basis of freedom of speech.

I will counterbalance this prejudice with a cliché statement like, "I have loads of gay friends" or perhaps even, "My Uncle is gay" even though this, in fact, is in no way conclusive or evidentiary of my opinion.

I will prattle and preach in the belief - or vain hope - that somebody will stand with me and validate my ignorance and stupidity and any dissenters shall be ignored, or swatted away with stock lines such as, "I'm entitled to my opinion" or "It's just not normal".

I will not waver in my stance on the matter because I am a narrow-minded, conceited bigot who - despite growing rapidly old-fashioned and alone in this opinion - continues to believe I am right. Ignorance is, after all, bliss.

I am a caveman, and I will die as such.


  1. user13640's Avatar
    yep. Thats pretty accurate. Kids on xbox pull it all the time. Friend of a friend on xbox joins the party. The instant the inevitable subject of (you know my friends gay right?) comes up its an instant. Woh... Really? Followed by. Well I'm not a homophobe but I dont like gays. You know what >_> that happens to often to be ok..
  2. BerkoBear's Avatar
    Well well well, you prance around like a big ol queen, but that's what you really think. I'm disappointed in you DanDan.
  3. Marka's Avatar
    Good for know what you think, and you know what you do I, and though I'm of significant contrast in thought and belief of what you've stated...ain't it great that we are able to form and express such individuality?? After all....who's life is it to live, but Our own? Bunch'a got-damned diaper-wearing fools...Cheers!

    p.s. I didn't know there is a LGBT ADISCers group...may have to check that out myself...
  4. Point's Avatar
    I hope you guys are joking, Berko and Marka :L
  5. DylanK's Avatar
    Can I rep+ this XD love it ^_^
  6. pajamakitten's Avatar
    I'm not racist but I hate black people because they're all thieves and are less intelligent than the white man.

    If a homophobe thinks this is stupid but can't see the problem with what they're saying then the hypocrisy is mind-boggling.
  7. TheWolfEmperor's Avatar
    Hey! That line about cavemen is not cool man. Some of the smartest, most decently minded people I know are cavemen and they have fought long and hard to be accepted by society at large.




  8. BerkoBear's Avatar
    Dun be silly, of course I am, Point. :P

    I thought what DanDan said was very clever and witty.

    P.S Read the tag cloud as a paragraph, it's funny.
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  9. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    What is this I see before me..!?! Banter!?! :O

    @Berko I felt it was time to reveal my true, self-loathing personality! No longer could I live a lie!

    @NateSean I'm so sorry! Didn't I make it clear that I'm also Neanderphobic? I would apologise, but... Yeah... The blog post applies to this situation, too

    @ Everyone else - thanks for taking me in the spirit in which I am intended
  10. Point's Avatar
  11. Marka's Avatar
    I'm late getting back to the party but "- thanks for taking me in the spirit in which I am intended" ...I love that most of all!! Good show! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.