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A torch, burning in the night.

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... Yeah, it was a torch alright.

That burning S.U.V that was parked on the lawn of the apartment complex I'm staying in for 6 weeks. It was almost surreal to wake up to the sound of my sister's boyfriend knocking on the door saying "We've gotta get up, we might be evacuated soon." I asked why, he responded "There is a burning S.U.V about 10 feet from your window. With that, I noticed the eerie orange glow in my room. I looked out the window and sure enough, there was a huge fire about 20 feet high.

Well, we didn't get evacuated after, but I made sure to stay away from the window until the fire apartment dealt with the flames. There were loud bangs, but one sounded like a gunshot from up close. That must have been when the gas tank ignited.
Hmm, it's weird how things work these days. Well, I guess that's it for now.. Peace.


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