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Frustrating to pay for padding

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Getting padding on this island is just a real pain. On amazon, a bag of M4s cost about $25-30. I know what your thinking "Thats not a bad price silly mouse." True its a good price for you, but for me i have to ship it to Bermuda. I have to user a package forwarding company called ZipX that prices things by how much it weigh. I normaly buy 2 bags of 16. That brings the total up from just $60 to $190-200 because of the shipping cost and customs Duty charges.

Because of these prices i find alot of times i just dont feel like using one because of the cost. The stores here only bring in the cheapest version of depends they can get and sell them for like 40-50 and I can get good nights for just a little under that.

Another blow that has happened is that Bambino/paypal will not ship to me anymore because a setting one of them changed. For paypay to be happy, i must enter my main address home address Bermuda on there site. Done... I enter the US shipping address on bambions site then try to pay for the order. This is where the problem is, Paypal defaults to my main address as shipping address even tho i have placed the US address in bambinos site (have this address also as a alt address on paypal) Paypal says that the company does not ship to this location because of this. When i talked to bambino they just said it was a paypal problem. But Paypal just says Bambino needs to enable world shipping . I have ordered from there before but now i cant even order any more from them. ABU is the only ABDL diaper i can by at the moment.

So thats what ive been dealing with and its been frustrating for me.

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