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And God created Nanny...

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This is the first in what may turn out to be a short series of postings about AB nannies and (in some cases) my experiences of them. It is rather specifically British in its outlook - I've been to America exactly once (on a 5-day work trip which did not offer me the opportunity to explore the AB scene).

Being me, I want to start by looking at where (I think) nannying began. To my fairly certain knowledge the first AB nanny in the UK to practice visibly was Mummy Hazel in Kent, now retired. She gave an interview to The Independent in 1994 in which she explained that her nursery had been an offshoot of other business - she had met a number of sissy men at BSDM events who wanted to dress as little girls, and it had kind of gone from there.

I think that her experience is the more common way in to providing services for ABs, and I also think that there are certain constraints that it applies to the sort of things that a nanny would do.

Firstly, Mummy Hazel's services were overtly aimed at a clientele which was overwhelmingly male, of a certain age - mainly early middle age and upwards - and also (according to that and other newspaper fragments I've seen) of a certain sort of background. Most of them were what you might call professionals - doctors, accountants, commissioned military officers. Bear in mind that this was in 1990, so you'd be looking primarily at people born between the end of World War Two and about 1960. These are people who would remember the era of frilly pants and party dresses fondly; who would remember only terry nappies, etc. So in a sense you got a nursery that would these days be about sixty years out of its time.

I never visited Mummy Hazel - although I gather that a lot of people (but not everyone) had good things to say about her. Part of the reason I didn't go was that there were other limitations, not the least of which was a stringent "no messing" rule, and an unwillingness to engage with the idea that AB could include potty training.

Be that as it may the trouble came when people started copying her approach, thinking that so long as you have a few nappies, frilly pants, a bottle, a dummy and a few other bits, you can just be a domme the same as you would with anyone else.

There are two major problems with this. Firstly, the changing culture means that there are a great many teen and young adult babies, and the props simply don't work for them. But more than that, for a lot of ABs - and I'm one - the props and the way they were used was all wrong. The approach I saw too often was about throwing a massive amount of sensory overload at people in a short space of time, when many ABs are really looking for people to get inside their headspace. That takes time: when you're a BSDM mistress charging by the hour for intensive experience, time is not something you willingly spare. Consequently you get an AB service that is expensive and unhelpful. I won't name names - mainly because I can't remember the names, having done one visit and said "nah...".

However, a different approach suddenly appeared. More on that in the next posting...


  1. ade's Avatar
    oo! i'm interested
    okay, i'm not AB, but 'Hazel' was one of my first exposures to infantilism in the media (via Channel 4) and that was at a time when the information was skewed toward the middle-class, middle-aged gents depicted in the documentary. until coming online, in 2000, that was the only image i had of this 'thing' we have/do.
    little wonder, then, that even as a freak amongst freaks, i felt like a freak.
  2. diverj's Avatar
    i also came across her in the mid 80's and spoke after an articale in Forom mag.very nice and helpfull ,but never met. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.